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    build your bottom line
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Very Truly Yours™

Build a complete marketing program effortlessly…one dental communication at a time.

Maintain Relationships

Maintaining relationships with your patients is crucial to practice growth. Now it’s easy to write personally to one or all of your patients with a complete internal marketing plan right in your computer. At the press of a computer key, you have the flexibility to send the right letter or email at the right time to help you:
  • market new procedures or equipment
  • ask for referrals
  • encourage continuation of treatment
  • attract new patients and position yourself professionally
  • speed up collections and educate patients… and more.
VTY can add thousands of dollars to your net income in the first year alone!


There are hundreds of customizable letters (can be used as email) in this comprehensive software package covering thousands of practice management and marketing issues. And we even provide you with suggestions for use, so marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery or a chore any longer.

“Bonus” Fact Sheets

We offer “Fact Sheet” formats on a variety of topics with each module. You can:
  • enclose a fact sheet with a letter;
  • hand to a patient to explain a procedure;
  • mail to a colleague or other healthcare providers.
Fact Sheets are easy to use and give you an added dimension when planning your marketing strategy. And all this is at no extra cost to you.
Each module of VTY is contained in a 9″ x 12″, three-ring binder complete with instructions on usage for each letter, guidelines to writing/editing letters, and suggested formats for Fact Sheets.

Founded in 1980, we introduced the first newsletter for dental practices and have written over 3,000 original articles.