• Get more response to your web presence
    with an integrated, cohesive marketing strategy.
  • Does your website reflects your practice?
    Are you taking advantage of social media?
  • Send a Welcome Packet to all new
    patients and cut no-shows by 30%.
  • We write dental specific content
    for blogs, social media and websites.
  • Take the struggle out of promoting your practice with a pro marketing plan.
  • Sending a quarterly newsletter keeps
    patients loyal to your practice.
Social Media

Why Market Your Practice

You need to market your practice because it’s good business. Recognizing that a dental practice is a small business is the first step toward making your practice both professionally successful and personally rewarding.

Who you are, as a dentist and a practice, is reflected in your stationery, referral cards, advertisements, newsletter, and brochures. Every communication with your patients reinforces the decision they made to choose to continue care, to refer their friends. Start now, and like ripples in a pond, marketing can have both an immediate and recurring impact on your practice success.

A customized, effective marketing program takes care of business while allowing you to focus on quality dentistry. Marketing really can be as simple as that.

Dental Marketing Success

Hycomb Marketing has set the standard for quality dental practice marketing and communications since 1980. In fact, we were the first marketing agency set up exclusively to serve dentists.

We help dental practices, large and small, make the most of their resources. We give you the freedom to focus on quality dentistry (what you were trained to do) by helping you market your small business, smoothly and effectively (what we were trained to do).

We have one of the country’s largest libraries of articles on dental topics written for patients. The collection is distinguished for its range of topics, clinical research, and professional writing and is a valuable resource for our clients and their patients.

Founded in 1980, we introduced the first newsletter for dental practices and have written over 3,000 original articles.