• Attract quality new patients
    to your dental practice.
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Direct Mail

Targeted, custom direct mail delivers the kind of patients you want!

Probably more dollars have been wasted for direct marketing programs that didn’t work because they were set up to fail. At Hycomb, we’ve designed a direct mail program for dentists that’s proven to succeed. Targeted mailings are the only way to go.

Direct mail is successful when it gets noticed in the right mailbox, includes an attractive offer, and motivates your target audience to call for an appointment. That’s why we purchase a customized list based on your practice demographics in order to focus on the patients you want to attract, including affluent families, middle income neighborhoods, or senior citizens. Then we do the professional design and copywriting that will bring in not just quantity, but quality patients.

Go with a direct mail program that works

People need to see your message several times before they pick up the phone. And our experience has shown that a well-conceived campaign of three mailings to the same target works best:
  • The first mailing is a letter of introduction with an offer of your choice.
  • The second and third mailings are copies of our patient newsletter, Oracle, that is customized to your practice’s services and interest. These two mailings repeat the offer that was made in the letter.
  • Or you may choose to send our professional dental postcards, customized just for you.

Get more bang for your buck

To make your direct mail truly cost-effective, we send the same newsletter to your patients that we send to the targeted direct mail group. Thanks to the economy of printing both batches at once, you get a lot more bang for your buck, reaching your patients as well as your target group.

It’s easy to track your results

Your front office staff tally the source of all new referrals, so you can track the responses and calculate the success of your mailing. Remember to measure your return in dollars, not just percentages. Even a 1/2% response means a significant return on your investment.

In today’s competitive environment, a regular mailing to a targeted group in the practice area is an essential step in acquiring new patients.

All About You! Mailer

Introducing a new way to stand out in the crowd.

All About You! is a custom designed self-mailer that lets you reach the new patients you want with a highly professional and personal direct mail program.

No other direct mail looks like this one because it is designed around your photograph, your words, your practice. This is your chance to introduce yourself in a way that engages people instantly. Professional photographs capture the welcome, warmth and the encouragement your new patients receive. You’re not just a name, you’re a real person with a genuine passion for dentistry.

The self-mailer includes testimonials from your loyal patients and features informational text about you and your office. Plus, we’ll help you choose an offer that will be most appealing to prospective patients.
No other direct mail programs works like this one because it is targeted to people who are seriously interested in being your patients, with an offer you have chosen. All About You! is not a quick fix. It is designed to deliver quality patients who will stay with you and who refer family and friends.

Here’s how the All About You! direct mail program works

Oracle keeps your name consistently in front of your patients to help you:
  • The first mailing is the All About You! self mailer. You decide on the target market, the kind of people you want as your patients, and we mail only to this highly-selective list. Prospective patients get their first introduction to you and your practice.
  • The second mailing is your Oracle newsletter, the same one you send your patients for internal marketing. The newsletter incorporates the photo and offer from the self-mailer. Now prospective patients recognize you and learn more about your practice.
  • Alternating the All About You! mailer and Oracle newsletter helps reinforce your message. When prospective patients call to make an appointment, they already feel comfortable with you, and have decided they want you for their dentist.

At last! A direct mail program that’s All About You!


Successful direct mail—in this order—has a few musts.

  • Your message must go to the right targeted audience.
  • Your message must have an enticing offer.
  • Your direct mail piece must be visually attractive.

The Right Audience

Affluent households? Home owners? Single professionals? We’ll identify and target the people you want to reach in your zip code area. People who want your services and can pay for them.

The Right Message

Custom mail pieces, written by the experts with you and your audience in mind, will motivate prospective patients to call your office.

The Right Format

Designed to catch the eye and be read, your message will be read! Our marketing experience uses time-tested techniques that “pull” people into reading your message.

Who do you want to attract? What will motivate them to call you? Will your message be read?

You can count on Hycomb — and our over 30 years of dental marketing experience — to deliver what we promise.


Targeted direct mail postcards are versatile, attention-getting and cost-efficient.

Postcards offer creative and effective ways to reach your target audience. Used singly or as part of a broader program, direct mail postcards can:
  • Make a special offer to bring in new patients
  • Introduce new treatments or services, e.g., teeth whitening or new patient offers
  • Announce a new associate or a change in location
  • Remind patients of appointments
  • Follow-up on former patients.

Hycomb designs postcards that are straightforward or lighthearted, but always with a professional touch. Depending on the target audience, postcards have worked successfully for many practices, particularly when announcing special offers. Remember, a postcard costs about the same as a newsletter, so you may want to keep this in mind when allocating your marketing dollars.