J Maylee Oddo


On August 1, 2015, Hycomb gained a new owner while retaining the services, excellence and expertise of former owner Melinda Spitek.

Maylee brings leadership, business savvy, elite customer service and a background in data and technology to Hycomb. A founding member of Living Life Solutions whose mission is to help awaken people’s desires, create movement and the future people envision, Maylee is committed to the highest level of excellence in services and products, desiring to advance and support the mission and goals of Hycomb clients.

Prior to Hycomb, Maylee worked in arts administration as a fundraiser and researcher for the Tony Award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the largest rotating repertory theatre in the United States and a national leader in theatre and the performing arts, operating on a budget exceeding $35 million with more than 780 performances annually with attendance of over 410,000 people. For fun, Maylee has managed three Oregon political school levy and bond election campaigns, the last of which passed at 71.3%, the highest percentage of votes of all school funds measures in Oregon that year. More recently, More recently, she was a contributing member and advisor for the most recent 2020 campaign. Total combined funds raised for the Ashland School District through the passage of these measures was $85 million. Maylee is a Board Director for the Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team, and is a member of the Northwestern University Alumni and Admissions Council. She has chaired the Ashland School District Budget Committee, with which she is a member, is the is Past Board President for the nationally recognized award-winning Ashland Independent Film Festival, former Board Chair of the Ashland Schools Foundation and the former Board President and co-founder of the Lincoln Elementary School PTO.

Maylee’s background is in manufacturing with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. She has worked for manufacturing firms W.H. Brady & Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Color Arts in Racine, Wisconsin; and Electrical Specialties, Inc. in Peoria, Illinois.

Melinda Spitek

Oracle Director | Former CEO

Melinda brings her energy, warmth and personal commitment to the office at Hycomb. Prior to joining Hycomb, she managed solo, managed care, as well as large multi-specialty group dental practices for over 23 years. This valuable experience helps her relate to the challenges of running a dental office.

Her years at Hycomb have also given her a solid grounding in all aspects of dental marketing. “I was very fortunate to be working with Connie Hazel, the best mentor I could have ever had.” Melinda took over ownership of Hycomb when Connie retired. Those who have worked with Melinda appreciate her willingness to take charge of a problem and work on behalf of her clients until it is solved.

Connie Hazel


Although she retired in December 2000, Hycomb is guided by her business philosophy, her generosity, and her vision. Visionaries are people who see the importance of an idea before anyone else.

Over 30 years ago, Connie owned a 22-person ad agency in Bakersfield, where she became aware of the lack of marketing materials for dentists. Realizing that dental practices were small businesses that needed to market their services in order to compete, she founded Hycomb Communications, the first marketing agency for dentists, in 1980.

She introduced many firsts in the industry, including the first newsletter for dental practices. The company moved to San Francisco in 1985 and to Healdsburg in 1996 and is still devoted exclusively to dental marketing.

Founded in 1980, we introduced the first newsletter for dental practices and have written over 3,000 original articles.